Plaza Nueva

The heart of Casco Viejo is undoubtedly the Plaza Nueva, a Neoclassical courtyard enclosed by arcaded walls and lined with pintxos joints and cafés.

Completed in 1851, it used to house the Bizkaia government (called “Biscay” in English), but ever since 1890 the plaza’s tallest building has been home to the Basque language Royal Academy. The neoclassical architecture is filled with restaurants and shops for a break in your day to just watch the world go by.

Best things to see at Plaza Nueva

A study in Roman neoclassical architecture, Plaza Nueva is  a picture perfect example of the period’s architecture with its colonnade and high arches. If you’re feeling peckish or thirsty, Plaza Nueva is a great place to dine and take a break while taking in beautiful views.The best time to visit is on Sunday morning, when a flea market brings booksellers and antique collectors to the arched entryways.

Plaza Nueva directions and parking

Best way to get to Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva or Berria is across the river from downtown. We recommend crossing from downtown on the Areatzako Zubia bridge if you are walking. Metro stop Zazpi Kaleak will leave you very close to Plaza Nueva, and is serviced by the orange line (Línea De Metro Bilbao) and the FCC train line. You can also take a bus that stops at Arenal/Arriaga-Bi on Areatza Kalea street, serviced by ALSA-Turis Bilbao.  


Best parking near Plaza Nueva

There is one parking lot right inside Plaza Nueva, called Plaza Berria Aprkalekua. The next closest place is a few blocks away, at Parking Arenal Ayuntamiento Casco Viejo Bilbao, on Zingira Kalea Street.

Plaza Nueva FAQs

What souvenirs should I buy?

Basque dolls in traditional outfits are a favorite souvenir from this area. We also recommend buying txapela hats or espadrille shoes. You can find all of these items in or near Plaza Nueva.


What is there to do?

We recommend hitting up Plaza Nueva for dinner or just before your night out, since there are tons of restaurants and bars nearby. We also like the idea of just sitting on one of the many benches for a quick break in the afternoon. If you are lucky, you might find folk demonstrations, festivals, or concerts held here at night.


Is there Wi-Fi available?

Yes, there is public Wi-Fi available throughout the Plaza Nueva.