Zubizuri Bridge

Walk across the sleek, svelt, glass bridge that is a modern day symbol for Bilbao.

Although its name literally means “white bridge” in Basque, that simple description reveals nothing about this tacky bridge over the Nervión River. Designed in the late 90s by Santiago Calatrava, it curves precariously over the water, supported by steel suspension cables that extend overhead at seemingly impossible angles.

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Best things to see at Zubizuri Bridge

Look down at the water through the water through the bridge deck’s glass brick floor. At times, Zubizuri has been called “a message of hope” and a “symbol of Bilbao” by admirers, but haters complain it’s too impractical: too slippery, too low, too zany. We’ll let you and your Insta-instincts decide—quirky or not, the bridge is undeniably photogenic from all angles.

Zubizuri Bridge directions and parking

Best way to get to Zubizuri Bridge

Zubizuri bridge is located northeast of downtown. If you are near the Guggenheim Museum, you can follow the river along Uribitarte Pasealekua street in the opposite direction of the park. A tram stops at Urbitarte station, serviced by tramlines 7 and TRN. A bus station called Campovalantín 23-Bi, serviced by buses ALSA-Turis. Bilb, is directly across the street as well.


Best parking near Zubizuri Bridge

Find parking on Uribitarte Kalea street at Parking Isozaki, or on Mazarredo Zumarkalea street next to the Chilean Consulate.  

Zubizuri Bridge FAQs

Can cars go over the bridge?

No, this bridge is pedestrian only.


Wheelchair accessible?

Yes, although the ramps is somewhat steep on the side of the bridge opposite downtown.  


Are there bike rentals nearby?

Yes! We recommend Bilbon Bizi Heros a few blocks away on Heros Kalea street or Bilbon Bizi Ayuntamiento on Ernesto Erkoreka Plaza street.

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