Five Classic Belgian Beers to Try in Brussels

In case you haven’t heard: beer is a big deal in Brussels. Don’t know your Stella from your Chimay? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This shortlist of brews is designed to help introduce you to Belgium’s famed breweries. We have a feeling you’ll get along just fine.

1. Leffe Blonde

Didn’t think beer could taste sweet after all of that PBR? Think again. One of Belgium’s many “blonde” beers, Leffe will, believe it or not, leave you with a bit of a sugary aftertaste.

2. Duvel

One of the most common “amber” beers you’ll find around the city, Duvel packs a bit of a punch, boasting roughly double the amount of alcohol found in American beers. Still, this is a very drinkable—and a very Belgian—beer to enjoy as you begin your stay in the city.

3. Kriek Cherry

This one’s a “lambic” beer, meaning it comes from B-town itself, and it tastes more like wine than any kind of brew you’ve ever come across. This one’s almost worth it just for the cool red tint, not to mention the smooth, fruity feel.

4. Kwak

Served in an cone-shaped glass that descends into an orb of beer, Kwak requires a wooden stand for proper consumption. Another “amber,” you’ll barely notice you drank your Kwak before it’s gone.

5. Rochefort 8

One of Belgium’s Trappist beers, Rochefort 8 (huit!) is almost a religious experience. Strong and smooth, a few of these will do you for the night.

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  1. Bottled bright to retain the delicate balance of grain and caramel, burn and edge, its uniquely ancient taste resonates across centuries of beer-making, outgunning the dangerous here-and-now of the craft brewer.