Responsible Travel

Our Values

We believe travel can be a powerful force for good and has the potential
to unlock positive social, economic, and environmental benefits.


and mutual respect between different people and cultures


of independent business, especially women-led enterprises, that can help drive economic growth


of the fragility of our global environment.

How Do We Support These Values?

It all starts with you:



You book an experience on PlacePass.



For every booking made, we donate $1 to EGBOK, a non-profit that provides vocational training in hospitality for at-risk Cambodian youth.



Our contributions help cover a variety of costs, including curriculum development, school supplies, and more.



Within 4 months of graduating, 100% of EGBOK students receive placements in Siem Reap’s top hotels with many alumni progressing to more senior positions.

The Egbok Impact

Since the organization was founded:

595 Students

have completed phase I of the program, and improved their skills.

163 Students

have graduated from phase II of the program, including an internship.

86 Companies

have employed EGBOK alumni.

Why Egbok?

We believe that EGBOK has the right approach. Their hybrid model, which blends vocational classroom training with hands-on internship experience and focus on personal development, is forward-looking and comprehensive.

EGBOK also actively supports women, which is a major priority for our company. PlacePass is a woman-led business and we are committed to creating more leadership opportunities for women in the tourism and hospitality industry worldwide.

Responsible Travel

Read more about EGBOK and the impact it has on young people’s lives here