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We know: you’re here for the wine. No visit to Mendoza is complete without sampling one or two (or several) varietals from the area’s renowned vineyards. But alas, all wine tastings and tours come to an end eventually, so what else is there to do when you’ve maxed out on Malbec? For one, if you’re still in a sampling mood, Mendoza is also famous for its olive oil production, and a tour of a local olive grove will open your eyes to what actually goes into harvesting and producing just one bottle of the stuff. After you’ve had your fill of samples, take a stroll through the trendy neighborhood of Chacras de Coria to admire the brightly-colored stucco buildings and explore the quaint boutiques and souvenir shops that line the streets here (pssst- this area’s restaurant scene is also on point, so we hope you saved some room!), or hop on a horse to explore the mountainous areas in and around the city.

Top Things to Do in Mendoza, Argentina

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