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Heading to Grenada? You might be surprised that the first thing you notice when you set foot on this tiny island nation is actually the smell. Dubbed the “Isle of Spice,” Grenada has made a name for itself as a producer of all things spice, mainly nutmeg (ah, yes, that’s what that smell is!), and also ginger, pimento, and turmeric, among others. But, spices and fruit aren’t the only things going on this lush, green island. With a plethora of black and white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, and colorful underwater coral reefs, the beauty of this 133-square-mile southern-Caribbean island is second to none. And if sitting on a tropical beach with your toes in the sand doesn’t strike your fancy (is if that’s possible!), the colorful capital city of St. George’s will come to your rescue. Home to historical landmarks like Fort George and Sendall Tunnel, and boasting a lively atmosphere that will make you feel instantly at home, you can easily fill your days perusing the local markets, exploring the artifacts in the Grenada National Museum, or window shopping among the red-tiled buildings that line the narrow streets.

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