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Ah, Bali. Home to white-sand beaches, gorgeously lush landscapes, ancient temples strewn about, and a friendly, laid-back party vibe, it’s easy to see why a mere mention of this island nation evokes dreamy images of tropical perfection. If Balinese culture is on your to-do list (and it should be!), there is no shortage of things to do and places to explore. The island is home to over 10,000 ancient temples and monuments and any number of museums that are bursting at the seams with local art and artifacts. But let’s be serious – many come to Bali for the world-class beaches, surfing, and nightlife. And why shouldn’t they? The sugary beaches and crashing waves practically beg you to dive right into the turquoise waters. And as the day winds down and the night heats up, Kuta and Legian Beaches are the place to be for the hottest nightlife on the island. No matter what you seek when you step foot on the island, be it a spiritual awakening, cultural enlightenment, or simply a relaxing week of fun in the sun, one thing is for sure – Bali will capture your heart from the moment you arrive.

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