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The rain forested, mountainous island of Phuket is Thailand’s largest. Known as the “Pearl of the Andaman,” most flock to this popular tropical paradise for the beaches. And yes, the beaches, with their soft golden sands and calm, warm waters, are absolutely everything you’d ever dreamed they’d be, and if lounging in the sun is all you choose to do here, it would most certainly be a visit well spent. But, don’t let the dazzling white sands blind you to everything else the city has to offer. Phuket is also home to numerous Buddhist temples, the largest being Wat Chalong, and a 148-foot tall white marble statue known as Big Buddha. The famous Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay are also must-dos. Be sure to save some energy for the nighttime, too. Whether you chose to take in a traditional Muay Thai match, catch a Simon Cabaret Show, or spend a night on the town along the famed Bangla Road, the nightlife in buzzy, beautiful Phuket is second to none.

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