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Nairobi. The mere mention of it likely conjures up wild thoughts – cheetahs prowling the savanna, long-necked giraffes loping across the desert, and prides of lions lounging under the blazing sun. But Nairobi is about as urban as it gets. Fast-growing and fast-paced (except when it comes to the city’s notorious traffic), Nairobi is a hub of commerce and culture, and the go-to place for many young Africans looking to make their mark in the world. The city is home to outstanding attractions such as the Karen Blixen Museum, the Maasai Market (perfect for souvenir shopping), David Shelick’s Elephant Orphanage, and the Giraffe Centre. When the sun goes down, local nightlife heats up, especially among the trendy bars and nightclubs of Woodvale Grove. Of course, a trip to Nairobi isn’t complete without a safari in one of Kenya’s many national parks — the closest is just 6 miles south of the city center.

Top Things to Do in Nairobi, Kenya

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