Dublin Castle

Part government center, part tourist attraction, part conference center: this castle does triple-duty as Dublin's most important address.

Basically all of Ireland’s history of governance has taken place here. You won’t find princes or princesses in this castle, but you will find gorgeous apartments and the inauguration chambers for each of Ireland’s presidents. Be sure to look up! The beautiful and intricately painted ceilings have dazzled visitors since the 1750s. 

Best things to see at Dublin Castle

Below the Castle lies the Viking Excavation, which are the remains of the Castle’s defenses that are made out of a stone covered embankment that trace their origination back to the thirteenth-century. The Medieval Tower, originally constructed in the 1200s, is one of the oldest surviving parts of Dublin. The State Apartments were originally built as the residential quarters of the viceregal court. The Apartments house portrait galleries and grand staircases that are still used to functions for the Irish President to present day. Weather permitting, take a stroll through the Castle Gardens and take in the mighty exterior views of the castle itself and the historic sculptures that surround the garden.

Dublin Castle directions and parking

Best way to get to Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is located in central Dublin near City Hall. There is no parking at the Museum, but you can reach the Drury St. Garage by taking Stephen St. east before turning onto Drury St. You can reach the Q-Park Christchurch garage on Werburgh St. by taking a right off of Christchurch Pl. onto Castle St. and then taking another right onto Werburgh St. There are plenty of buses that will take you to George’s St. or Dame St. which are a ten minute walk away from the Castle.


Best parking near Dublin Castle

There is available parking for a fee at the Drury Street garage which is located at 37 Drury St. as well as at the Q-Park Christchurch garage which is located on Werburgh St.

Dublin Castle FAQs

Is the Castle wheelchair accessible?

The State Apartments, Terrace Café, and Castle Gardens are wheelchair accessible.


Are strollers allowed at the Castle?

They are prohibited in the State Apartments, but there is available storage.


Is photography allowed?

Yes, just make sure your flash is turned off.