Guinness Storehouse

Smell the barley roasting; feel the water; see the bubbles. The Guinness Storehouse is Ireland's number one visitor attraction and packed full of history—and beer.

If you weren’t already a Guinness expert from nights at the pub, here’s your chance to become a professional. From humble beginnings nearly 260 years ago in 1759 to becoming one of the most recognizable Irish exports across the world, the Storehouse at St. James’ Gate is where it all started. At the heart of the world’s largest pint shaped building lies all of the information you ever wanted to know about Guinness. 

Best things to see at Guinness Storehouse

The Storehouse has several floors in a giant pint shape (how fitting) to explore, learn, and of course, drink Guinness. Here is a quick overview of what each floor can offer you:


Floors 1 through 3

The first floor takes you through how Guinness is brewed, starting with the four simple ingredients to the final product. Follow the finished Guinness onto the second floor to learn the story of how wooden barrels would be transported making Guinness one of the most recognizable beers in the world. Move up to the next floor and you’ll finally arrive at one of several places where you can drink Guinness at the Storehouse, the Tasting Room. Here you’ll be taught how to properly drink a Guinness. On the third floor, learn about the iconic advertisements that made a stout from Dublin a worldwide sensation.


Floors 4 through 7

Anxious to learn how they pour a perfect pint? Head upstairs to Guinness Academy, where you’ll get to learn how to properly pour your pint. If you’re hungry by this point, you’re in luck! The Brewers’ Dining Hall and Arthur’s Bar are right up the stairs with traditional Beef and Guinness Stew and live music to your hearts content. Last but not least, the Gravity Bar is located at the top of the Storehouse, where you can enjoy a pint with 360-degree views of Dublin. 

Guinness Storehouse directions and parking

Best way to get to the Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is located in central Dublin near Saint James’s Church. If you are coming by car or bike from Dublin City Centre go west on College Green toward Grafton St. before continuing onto Thomas St.. Once you get to the Saint James’s Gate Brewery turn left onto Echlin St. and then turn left on Grand Canal Place. From there, continue until it becomes Pim St. and then turn left onto Market St.. Bus 123 from Dublin City Centre will take you to the Storehouse.


Best parking near the Guinness Storehouse

The Storehouse parking lot is on nearby Crane Street.

Guinness Storehouse FAQs

Is the Storehouse wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Storehouse is wheelchair accessible.


What is latest time for entry?

Final admission is two hours before the Storehouse closes.


Are visitors allowed to go inside the brewery?

Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed inside the brewery.