Albert Pego

Once a livestock market, now a lively center of town for locals and visitors alike, Edinburgh's Grassmarket offers some of Scotland's finest food, drink, and Instagrammable Harry Potter inspiration.


Eating, drinking, shopping, photographing charming buildings — Grassmarket is the lively and bustling of Old Town Edinburgh, with an unparalleled view of Edinburgh Castle to boot. It also leads to Victoria Street, the winding and picturesque way that inspired J.K. Rowling’s Diagon Alley. Enjoy some of Scotland’s best culinary offerings to the tune of street buskers, grab a drink and an outdoor seat, or pay homage to Greyfriars Bobby, the iconic bronze of a Skye terrier. Just maybe don’t think that this central hangout of the city, a market since the 1400s, made its name as a forum for public executions. 

Grassmarket FAQs

How far is the Grassmarket from Edinburgh Castle?

It’s about 0.4 miles between the Grassmarket and the Castle, or about an 8 minute walk.


Are there public restrooms?

Not conveniently, no. You’ll have to either cozy up at a shop or make a pit stop before leaving the Castle. 


Do I have to pay to enter the Grassmarket?

No, you don’t have to pay to enter the Grassmarket — it’s a public area, after all — but you’d be wise to bring a few pounds for a pint (or two).