National Museum of Scotland

Omar Yassen

From a trove of royal history to Celtic brooches, ancient Egyptian artifacts to an Elton John suit — the Scottish National museum earns its title by covering more subjects than the country itself.


The Scottish National Museum holds multiple days worth of treasures, but there are few highlights not to be missed, such as the Millennium clock, an imposing tower of gears and Gothic statues. History buffs can dig into relics from Scotland and beyond, while kids will enjoy the exhibits (read: toys) in the science and technology wing. Regardless, if you’re a curious person with a modicum of interest in the world around you, then the National Museum holds something for you. Scottish pop music? Check. Festivals in Vietnam? Check. The stuffed body of Dolly the Sheep? Also check. And don’t forget to check out the ever-rotating list of special exhibitions. 

National Museum of Scotland FAQs

When is the National Museum open?

The museum is open daily, excluding holidays, from 10am until 5pm.


How much do tickets cost?

Admission is free to the National Museum, though a donation is suggested. Costs may vary for tickets to special exhibits. 


Can I check my bag or coat?

Bags and coats below 10 kg can be checked for a charge of £1.50 per item. Strollers cannot be checked.