Sunset Strip

Regardless of where you decide to watch it, experiencing a sunset on Ibiza’s western coast—like exploring the streets of Dalt Vila—is absolutely non-negotiable.

The sunset here is world-famous, and for a good reason. Every night around 9pm, the horizon is set ablaze with a profuse red glow. The waves settle, the sails calm, and the water begins to twinkle. The light cast by the receding sun is so powerful that virtually everything separating you from it—the passersby, the catamarans, the buoys, Illa Sa Conillera—is reduced to a stark silhouette. Ever so slowly, the black lines of the foreground and warm hues of the background blend into one subtle gradient, and the sun sinks heavily into the salty Mediterranean Sea. Our favorite place to watch the sunset? Caló el Moro, located on the northern fringes of San Antonio.

Best things to see at Sunset Strip

View the sunset from any number of restaurants and bars that have outdoor seating and patios to enjoy the sunset with food and drink. If you have some time to spare before the sunset starts to hit its peak, head to any number of nearby points-of-interest, like Catedral de Eivissa for some impressive gothic architecture, or Museu Puget for over 100 paintings housed in a 15th century mansion.

Sunset Strip directions and parking

Best way to get to Sunset in San Antonio

San Antonio is on the opposite side of the island from Ibiza Town. If you are coming from Old Ibiza, you can take the C-731 highway until you reach exit PM-812. From there, turn left on Carrer Johann Sebastian Bach and you will reach Caló el Moro. If you would like to bus, you should go to Eivissa Terminal, where you can take the L_3 bus until you reach Estació Bus Sant Antoni De Portmany. From there, you’ll have about a 13 minute walk to the beach.


Best parking near Sunset in San Antonio

There are plenty free parking lots in San Antonio. The two closest to the beach are on Carrer Velázquez and on Avenida d’Isidor Macabich.

Sunset Strip FAQs

Which beaches are accessible?

Caló des Moro, which we have linked to, is wheelchair accessible. Nearby, Cala Gració and Bahía de Sant Antoni are also wheelchair accessible.


What’s the best place to see the sunset?

While we recommend Caló des Moro, there are other spots depending on your interests that you might prefer. San Antonio Bay has more of a party atmosphere, while Santa Inés is quieter but has beautiful rocky cliffs.