Liverpool Cathedral

Michael D. Beckwith

It's rumored that you can see 55 miles out on a clear day on top of the cathedral's tower.

Liverpool cathedral is huge. Like crane-your-neck-towards-the-ceiling-and-still-not-be-able-to-see-it-all huge. In fact, its stunning size makes it the largest cathedral in all of England. A pink neon sign by artist Tracey Emin randomly looms above the lower floor, firmly grounding the cathedral in this century, even though the church was constructed less than 100 years ago. 

Best things to see at Liverpool Cathedral

For a great view of Liverpool, you can pay a small fee to go up to the Vestey Tower; you won’t regret paying when you get the prime view of the Georgian Quarter. The church doesn’t try to shove its history down your throat, although there are some exhibitions along the walls and on the third floor. And if you’re sick of all of Europe’s churches (no, they’re not all the same), the enormity of this one with its modern touches makes it worth a visit.

Liverpool Cathedral directions and parking

Best way to get Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral is located in East Liverpool near the Liverpool Philharmonic. If you are visiting the Cathedral via car or bike you can gain access from Upper Duke St. There is also a series of buses which will take you to Pilgrim St., James St., and Upper Duke St., all short walks from the Cathedral.


Best parking near Liverpool Cathedral

The Cathedral has a parking lot that you can enter from Upper Duke St. and park at for a fee.

Liverpool Cathedral FAQs

Is photography allowed?

Yes, as long as there are not any services going on.


What is latest time people are admitted to the Tower?

Tower admission stops a half hour before closing.


Are there public restrooms at the Cathedral?

Yes, the Cathedral does offer public restrooms.