The Hollywood Sign

Since its construction in 1923, the Hollywood Sign remains a cultural and historical icon that overlooks downtown Los Angeles.

Hike through the Santa Monica Mountains on a trail of your choice to the Sign. These authorized trails are open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year. Each trails has its own set of unique and breathtaking views, each rated with its own difficulty from beginners to the seasoned hikers.

Best things to see at The Hollywood Sign

Of the three trails that take you to the Hollywood Sign, the Mt. Hollywood one is the easiest. Start from the Griffith Observatory and keep an eye out for the Charlie Turner trailhead in the back of the parking lot. Set out toward the sign on a leisurely ascent winding along the ridge, with views of the mansion-filled Hollywood Hills down below. When you get to the top, you won’t see the Hollywood sign right away—it’s the Doowylloh sign, that imposter! Oh, wait. Find your way to the front of the sign, and you’ll see a more recognizable version of your destination, complete with a sexy view of the LA skyline.

The Hollywood Sign directions and parking

Best way to get to the Hollywood Sign

There are three different hiking trails running through Griffith Park that lead to the Hollywood Sign. The easiest is the Mount Hollywood train, which starts at the Griffith Observatory. The more moderate trail is the Canyon Drive Trail, known by locals as Bronson Caves. And if you’re looking for a challenge, check out Cahuenga Park Hike, which features the Hugh Hefner overlook. Be sure to bring enough water and sunscreen for your hike—safety first!


Best parking near the Hollywood Sign

There are free and paid parking options near Griffith Observatory and on Western Canyon Road.

The Hollywood Sign FAQs

Can I bring my own food to the Observatory?

No, but you can purchase food from the Observatory’s Café.


Are drones allowed?

No, they are prohibited.


Are skateboards, skates, or scooters allowed at the Observatory?

No, they are not allowed on Observatory grounds.