Place Bellecour

Herbert Frank

Place Bellecour holds the title of the largest square in Lyon and the largest pedestrian square in all of Europe.

Today, it doesn’t seem like much, except for an expanse of Mars-red pavement, a statue of Louis XIV in the middle, a tourist office, and a Ferris wheel for kids and adults who haven’t quite grown up. Back in the day, however, the square itself held much more significance: it was the sight of royal parades for the king and executions via the guillotine during the French Revolution. Although the square isn’t too spectacular in the daytime, give it another try in the evening when the Ferris wheel lights up in a display of vibrant colors.

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Best things to see at Place Bellecour

Besides the historic statues and buildings that litter the square, there is plenty to do at Place Bellecour. Make sure to grab a coffee or a bite to eat and watch the busy world pass by from one of the chic cafes. If you’re feeling like spending, shop to your heart’s content at one of many boutiques. Throughout the year, the square also puts on a number of events and concerts, like the winter ice rink. Finally, ride the Ferris wheel for some spectacular views of one of the largest open squares in Europe.

Place Bellecour directions and parking

Best way to get to Place Bellecour

You can find Place Bellecour right in between the Saône and Rhône Rivers. The nearest metro stop is the Bellecour stop, serviced by the A and D lines. If you are walking or driving along either river, you will want to turn onto Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or Place Antonin Poncet to find the Place Bellecour.


Best parking near Place Bellecour

Parking will be hard to come by, so you may have to find a lot for a fee. We recommend Parking Indigo on Place Bellecour Street, which is very close to Place Bellecour.

Place Bellecour FAQs

The Place Bellecour kid-friendly?

Yes, Place Bellecour is kid-friendly. There is even a playground for children to enjoy.


How much time should I expect to spend there?

Our answer varies on what season you are visiting in. If it’s summertime, you might find it too hot to linger in the outdoor market for very long. Otherwise, you can easily spend a whole afternoon window shopping and sampling restaurants here.


What else is there to do at Place Bellecour?

You can often find many of Lyon’s festivals and events here. Check online to find an event during the time of your visit.

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