Manchester Art Gallery


With over 25,000 pieces in a collection spanning six centuries, this free gallery is a must-see.

Oh, art galleries. You’re so cultured and highbrow. That’s what we think of when we hear “art gallery,” but if you’re burned out and have no desire to stare at old paintings of dead people, then you’re in luck, because this gallery holds way more than just the typical landscapes and portraits. The Manchester Art Gallery has the breadth and variety of exhibits ranging from the classic and renowned 19th century British paintings to an Egyptian jar that dates back to 1100 B.C.

Best things to see at Manchester Art Gallery

Some of the best pieces of the gallery come from the re-done caption addendums from the gallery’s first feminist takeover. So while you’re reading a snooty art historian’s interpretations of the juxtaposition of light and dark in the paintings of pre-Raphaelite artists (whose works are beautiful, we’ll admit), you can also read a nice little paragraph roasting the men who refused to acknowledge female competency. Snaps. The gallery also hosts contemporary exhibits upstairs, often using multimedia to express political messages. Be sure to check out the mindfulness exhibit. It’s as if the art gallery had a rebellious teenage kid—the two different vibes you’ll get from the gallery might not match, but they create a full experience (imagine the vibes of Banksy amid seventeenth-century paintings).

Manchester Art Gallery directions and parking

Best way to get to the Manchester Art Gallery

We recommend getting there by metro. The nearest stops are St Peter’s Square and Market Street, both serviced by the Altrincham and Eccles lines. The nearest bus stops are the Piccadilly Gardens or the Princess Street stops. If you’d like to drive, follow signs on the M60 for the city center.


Best parking near the Manchester Art Gallery

The museum does not offer car parking, but you can find spots on Sackville, Faulkner, and Chepstow Streets. If you are looking for disabled parking, you can find a lot on the intersection of York St and Mount St. There is also Q-Park parking garage located on St James St.

Manchester Art Gallery FAQs

Can I store my bags here?

It will cost £1 to store luggage and coats, but storage is available in the gallery itself.


Is there any accessibility information?

The Manchester Art Gallery is “fully accessible.” To find more information, click here.


What is the WiFi access like?

Pretty good! The museum offers wifi for free in the cafe, atrium, and most exhibition spaces.