Museum of Science and Industry


Manchester used to be called Cottonopolis—the world’s hub for textile production. Today, that claim to fame has dimmed, but the Museum of Science and Industry clings onto its past life as an industrial city.

Steam locomotives and railway seems like an antiquated mode of transport in the 21st century, but as Manchester was turning to what was the world’s first industrialized city, they changed how the city operated and did business. The Manchester Science and Industry Museum aims to educate and show these forgotten marvels that changed the world. With rotating exhibitions, interactive sessions, and demonstrations of how the collection used to work, make sure to come ready to learn about the fascinating stories that these machines have to tell.

Best things to see at Museum of Science and Industry

Watch an engine demonstration, and learn about how cotton was spun. And when you get bored of that (it happens to the best of us), head upstairs to the interactive “Experiment!” gallery with 25 hands-on exhibits that feel like games. You can play a Dance Dance Revolution-style game to learn how about recycling, or pedal a bicycle to see your skeleton move. Although you might be playing some of these games with six year-olds, no one’s judging. Go live your best life and learn a lot while having some arcade (or museum) fun.

Museum of Science and Industry directions and parking

Best way to get to the Museum of Science and Industry

We recommend using a free City Center bus to get to the Museum of Science and Industry. The closest stops are the Opera House, serviced by bus 1 and 2, and the Deansgate stop, serviced by bus 2. The nearest metro stops is the Deansgate-Castlefield stop, serviced by all trains except Line C.


Best parking near the Museum of Science and Industry

While there’s no free parking at the museum itself, you can find street parking on Liverpool Road and Lower Byrom Street. You can find paid lot parking at the Deansgate Car Park a few blocks away.

Museum of Science and Industry FAQs

Can I take my luggage with me?

The museum offers small lockers for £1 and large lockers for £2. Lockers are located near the Warehouse Café.


Is the museum accessible?

The museum is wheelchair accessible. If you would like more information, read here.


Are photos allowed?

While the museum generally allows photography throughout, some exhibits and collections can have different copyright restrictions. Make sure to ask the guard in your specific exhibit.