Mount Royal

In Montréal, all roads lead to (or at least slope towards) the gargantuan and gorgeous Parc du Mont-Royal.

Designed by go-to landscape guy Frederick Law Olmsted and inaugurated in 1876, the park covers nearly 700 acres in the center of Montréal. While you’re cursing yourself for having skipped leg day for your entire life, find solace in the fact that a breezy chalet with bathrooms and loungeable chairs awaits you at the top. 

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Best things to see at Mount Royal

On the eastern side of the mountain near the Sir George Etienne Cartier Monument (look for the winged statue), you’ll find a picturesque meadow ideal for picnicking. Come by on Sunday nights, though, for the Tam-Tam Jam—a mass dance party set to the irresistible beats of a hundred hand drums. For the prettiest views of the city skyline (don’t believe the sales pitch from the Montréal Tower folks!), head to the Kondiaronk Belvedere, a popular lookout point that’s just a breezy 400 steps up the mountain

Mount Royal directions and parking

Best way to get to Mount Royal

Mount Royal is located in Southeast Montreal near downtown. Bicycles can gain access by taking the Olmstead Path which can be reached through the Du Parc entrance or the Peel entrance and then Serpentin Path. By car, take Camillien-Houde to a parking lot. If you are looking to get to Mount Royal via bus, #11, #165, #80 will take you there.


Best parking near Mount Royal

There is parking at the the Smith House, Beaver Lake, and Camillin-House Belvedere parking lots for a fee.

Mount Royal FAQs

Are there available restrooms?

Yes, there are restrooms in the Smith House, Beaver Lake Pavilion, and Mount Royal Chalet.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but they must be on leash.


Is swimming allowed in Beaver Lake?

There is no swimming allowed in Beaver Lake.

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