Botanical Garden

Put your allergy meds to the test at Montreal's Botanical Garden, home to more than 22,000 plant species, 10 exhibition greenhouses, and an entire pavilion of trees.

Part of the Space for Life—a district that includes the city’s four premier environmental museums—the Botanical Garden offers a vast array of ecosystems with a view of the equally vast 1976 Olympic Park.

Best things to see at Botanical Garden

The Insectarium (included in the ticket price) has lots of dead bugs to look at, plus a vending machine offering kid favorites like shiitake turmeric crickets and lime grasshoppers. While the Botanical Garden—the Olympic cycling facility-turned-zoo—you can buy admission to the nearby planetarium for less than the price of a separate ticket.

Botanical Garden directions and parking

Best way to get to Montréal Botanical Garden

Write the best way to get to Montreal Botanical Garden here. By car, the Garden parking lot can be accessed via Rue Viau. Bike access can be found by turning off Rue Viau onto Rue Sherbrooke.  If you are looking to get to the Garden via public transportation you can take the subway to the Pie-IX station as well as the #185, #139 bus.


Best parking near Montréal Botanical Garden

There is a parking lot located at 3000 Rue Viau in front of Centre Pierre-Charbonneau for a fee.

Botanical Garden FAQs

Is the Botanical Garden wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Botanical Garden is wheelchair accessible.


Are pets allowed at the Botanical Garden?

With the exception of service dogs, pets are not allowed at the Botanical Garden.