Notre-Dame Basilica

Charging for entrance to a church? Seems pretty indulgent to me. 

(Excuse our reformation humor!) Still, you should resist the urge to nail 95 theses to the door of the Notre-Dame Basilica and just fork over the money instead—you’ll be rewarded with a view of one of the flashiest places of worship we’ve ever seen, decked out in so much blue and gold it could have been designed by the Golden State Warriors.

Best things to see at Notre-Dame Basilica

The basilica dates to the 1820s, but its most significant year was 1994, when it served as the site Canadian icon Céline Dion’s wedding. Take the obligatory respectful lap as you wait for the free (with admission) tour to begin, and be sure to look up at the 24-carat gold stars hand-painted on the ceiling. If you just can’t get enough of our Lord and Savior, buy a ticket to the light show that turns the basilica into the world’s holiest rave most evenings.

Notre-Dame Basilica directions and parking

Best way to get to Notre-Dame Basilica

We recommend getting there by either metro or bus. The nearest metro stop is the Place-d’Armes Station, serviced by the Orange Line. The nearest bus stop is the Notre-Dame Street stop, serviced by Saint-Laurent bus number 55.


Best parking near Notre-Dame Basilica

While the Basilica has no parking itself, you can find private lots surrounding it pretty easily. We recommend the Indigo lot at 230 Saint-Sacrament St.

Notre-Dame Basilica FAQs

Is the Basilica wheelchair accessible?

Yes. You can find the accessible entrance at the main door on the building’s west side.


How much is admission?

For most adults, admission is 6$. For children aged 7-17, entrance is 4$. For children younger than 7, entrance is free.


Where can I find information about events?

There are multiple different types of events at the Basilica. For more information on the specific types, check here.