Chrysler Building

An iconic fixture on the New York skyline, this art deco building once held the title of world's tallest.

Though it’s been dwarfed by mega-buildings downtown, the Chrysler Building still charms. The easiest way to get up the Chrysler Building is to book a root canal at NYC Dental Wellness PLLC, the occupant of the 69th floor. The second-easiest way probably involves a grappling hook? The Art Deco masterpiece of a skyscraper isn’t particularly tourist-friendly, considering that its observation deck closed in 1945. You’ll be able to enter the impressive lobby during business hours, but the hardo security desk guys won’t let you get any further without an appointment. Stick to admiring this beauty from afar: her spiky sunburst crown is as shiny as ever (though, contrary to popular belief, not made from hubcaps), and those blessed with good eyesight will be able to spot the gargoyles on the 31st floor and the eagles on the 62nd.

Best things to see at Chrysler Building

While there might not be an observation deck, you can still head into the lobby for a serious study in art deco interior design. Look up to the ceiling in the lobby for famous mural by Edward Turnbull titled Transport and Human Endeavor. Measuring a stunning 78 by 100 feet, it was the largest indoor mural in the world when it was installed. If you want the best views of the exterior of the building, head to the Empire State Building Observatory deck or the Top of the Rock to spot all of the Chrysler Building’s intricacies.

Chrysler Building directions and parking

Best way to get to the Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is located about as centrally as anything can  be in New York. Right at the heart of midtown, it won’t be too hard to get to the Chrysler Building by train, taxi, or foot. The green lines 4, 5, and 6 trains all stop at Grand Central station on 42nd St.


Best parking near the Chrysler Building

Parking garages surround the Chrysler Building, but be ready to pay an exorbitant amount of money for parking near midtown.

Chrysler Building FAQs

Is the view good?

While there’s no observation deck, the interior is beautifully decorated.


Do I need tickets?

You don’t need tickets to explore the lobby, but you’ll need an appointment to go past that.


How long should I expect to be there?

About a half hour to an hour should be enough.