Empowering Underserved Young Adults Through Hospitality

Purchases made on PlacePass will help support Cambodian nonprofit EGBOK

A graduate of the EGBOK training program.

BOSTON, MA – December 23, 2016

From the start, PlacePass has been committed to enriching lives through travel. We believe the tourism and hospitality industry can be a powerful force for good, and that travel companies have an important role to play in creating more sustainable, prosperous communities.

To that end, we’re proud to announce a partnership with EGBOK, a non-profit organization in Cambodia that trains underserved young adults to become hospitality industry leaders.

Starting this month, for every purchase made on PlacePass, the company will donate $1 to support students at the EGBOK school and training center in Siem Reap, up to $20,000 annually. Contributions from PlacePass will help cover a variety of costs, including curriculum development, school supplies, and more.

EGBOK enables underserved young adults in Cambodia to be self-supporting by providing education, training, and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry and utilizing a comprehensive approach with an emphasis on life skills development. One hundred percent of EGBOK alumni receive jobs upon graduation, many of them in top hotels and restaurants throughout Siem Reap.

“We’re delighted to help support EGBOK in their efforts to break the cycle of poverty for young Cambodian adults, especially women,” said Emily Bernard, co-founder and chief brand officer of PlacePass. “EGBOK is creating a brighter future not only for these students, but for Cambodia’s hospitality industry as a whole.”

The EGBOK partnership aligns with PlacePass’ commitment to responsible, sustainable travel practices. Cambodia is a natural fit for our company: we offer more than 300 tours throughout the country and established an engineering team in Phnom Penh shortly after opening our Boston office.

“EGBOK is thrilled about our partnership with PlacePass, allowing travelers from around the world to give back during their visits to Cambodia,” said Sigrid Baldinger, Country Director of EGBOK. “The partnership will allow us to increase our outreach and strengthen our program and continue to change the lives of many underserved young adults. Sustainability is at the core of both PlacePass’s and EGBOK’s work and we are excited to join forces in our efforts to create a positive impact in Cambodia.”

Established in 2009, EGBOK has made a tremendous impact in Cambodia. More than 80 hospitality companies are employing EGBOK alumni, including high-profile brands such as Starwood, Aman Resorts, Park Hyatt, and Raffles. EGBOK alumni have a starting salary nearly double the Cambodian national average annual income.

For more information about the PlacePass-EGBOK partnership, please contact press@placepass.com. For more information about EGBOK, please contact info@egbokmission.org.