PlacePass Launches Largest Online Portal Of Travel Experiences

Travelers can quickly and easily find unique travel excursions all in one place


BOSTON, MA, July 1, 2016 – PlacePass ( today announces the launch of their new online tour and activity portal, allowing travelers to quickly find and compare thousands of fun things to do in more than 180 destinations. PlacePass enables visitors to easily explore and book the best options for their destination by aggregating high-quality, local experiences from other travel websites.

More and more travelers are seeking unique experiences to enhance their vacations and travel experiences. Whether it’s a romantic wine tasting tour or a bicycle excursion with the family, activities are an ideal way to learn about a new destination and build lasting memories. But it’s always been difficult and time-consuming to find those fun, quality things to do. PlacePass is a unique online platform that aggregates activities into one convenient place, saving hours of research previously needed to find and compare travel experiences. With over 100,000 activities, PlacePass is the largest online provider of things to do anywhere in the world.

“PlacePass enables people to easily search, compare, and book amazing things to do anywhere in the world,” says co-founder Emily Bernard. “We are excited to connect people to great experiences and help them save time, money, and stress through a streamlined research and booking process. We’re thrilled to help people make the most of their travel, connect with locals, and discover the world in new ways.”

Through their partnerships with other travel websites, PlacePass brings together thousands of travel tours, activities, excursions and deals from all over the world. Whether someone is looking to skip the line and get fast-track access to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, book a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or perhaps take a tour of the Lord of the Rings movie set in New Zealand, is the go-to destination to find these unique experiences and book them at the best prices possible.

PlacePass makes it easy for travelers to plan by offering fast search and comprehensive filtering capabilities, including price, duration, activity type, and more. Those looking for inspiration can also browse destinations or choose among top activities hand-selected by the PlacePass team.

Established in 2015, PlacePass is led by co-founders Ethan Hawkes and Emily Bernard, who were inspired to build a business after decades of traveling and working in the hospitality business. Their most memorable trips always included activities and excursions with great local guides, but finding those experiences was very time-consuming and required significant research online. There was no single aggregator keeping everything organized. So PlacePass was born.