Lan Su Chinese Garden

From the Chinese word "Lan," meaning orchid, and "Su," meaning awaken, the name translates to "Garden of Awakening Orchids."

Lan Su Chinese Garden sits nestled in a city block, complete with ponds, fountains, and traditional structures. Find the Chinese fortune sticks and see what’s on your horizon—you could have a lot of wealth coming your way and not even know it! If fortune telling isn’t your style, sip a cup of tea in the tea garden, watch the koi swim past, breathe deeply, and just enjoy the peace and quiet of this little city oasis.

Best things to see at Lan Su Chinese Garden

The gardens

Kick off your shoes (if you like), walk along the paths, and wonder at the architecture and decor in this authentic Chinese garden. Lan Su was built by Chinese artists hailing from Sazhou, a city in China’s Jiangsu province famous for its Ming Dynasty gardens. Known as one of the most authentic Chinese gardens outside of China, it was built based on a 2,000-year-old tradition that blends art, architecture, nature, and design. Lan Su isn’t just a garden—it’s a portal into the past, offering a fascinating look into the Chinese culture, history, and way of thinking.


The Tao of Tea teahouse

Sip on a cup of traditional Chinese tea while soaking in the gorgeous views of the garden. Located in the Tower of Cosmic Reflections, the two-story teahouse seats 50 and offers a traditional selection of white, green, black, and herbal tea. Each tea is served in a vessel chosen specifically based on its category and character.


Best places to eat & drink near Lan Su Chinese Garden

Burnside Street restaurants

Though somewhat north of the city center, Lan Su Chinese Garden is just a stone’s throw away from many food options. Burnside Street is home to many of the city’s most popular restaurants and is sure to have something to satisfy your taste buds.


The Tao of Tea

If the thought of leaving the tranquility of the garden to eat lunch isn’t appealing, The Tao of Tea serves light meals and snacks, including noodle bowls, dumpling bowls, steamed buns, and salads. Sip your tea, nosh on some tasty eats, and enjoy the quietness of the garden, away from the bustling city streets.

Lan Su Chinese Garden directions and parking

The best way to get to Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su Chinese Garden is located in Central Portland near Chinatown. By car, take I-405 to the Everett Street Exit and head east. By public transport, the Garden can be accessed by the rail system, MAX, or by the 4, 8, 16, 35, 44, and 77 bus. By bicycle, the Garden can be accessed off of NW Broadway.


Best parking around Lan Su Garden

There is metered street parking surrounding the Garden, as well as a parking garage on Davis Street for a fee.


Lan Su Chinese Garden FAQs

What are the hours of admission?

The Lan Su Garden is open:

March 15 – October 14: 10:00am-7:00pm Daily

October 15 – March 14: 10:00am-4:00pm Daily

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.


Is the garden wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Lan Su Garden is wheelchair accessible.


Are pets allowed?

With the exception of service animals, no pets are allowed.

Is photography allowed?

Photographs for personal use and enjoyment are allowed. Photographs can not be sold or used for commercial activities.


Does the garden host any ongoing or special programs?

Yes, Lan Su Garden hosts a variety of events. Visit their calendar of events for a full list of activities, lectures, and classes.