Dom Luís I Bridge

Take a moment to pause and soak in the sights on Porto's most famous bridge.

Although Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel) would have loved to include the Ponte Dom Luís I in his architectural portfolio, his Douro-spanning bridge proposal was tragically rejected by the city of Porto in favor of the current double-decked metal design, put forward by a Belgian architecture society. At its construction in 1881, the 564-foot-long Ponte Dom Luís I was the longest arched bridge in the world.

Best things to see at Dom Luís I Bridge

The bottom (for cars and pedestrians) connects the Porto riverbank to the wine cellars of Gaia, but the top deck offers much better views. Reserved for pedestrians and public transport, panos and selfies are highly recommended; it’s one of the most photogenic spots in Porto. Besides the amazing selfies you’ll get, make sure to take in the spectacular views of Porto from the bridge or down below on the water’s edge. Once you’re finished taking in the sights, cross the bridge to the historic and famous wine cellars of Nova de Gaia to explore and sample some of Porto’s most famous exports.

Dom Luís I Bridge directions and parking

Best way to get to the Dom Luís I Bridge

The Dom Luís I Bridge may be reached via Av. Gustavo Eiffel from the North or Av. de Ramos Pinto from the South. There are bus stops on either side of the bridge. There is also a metro stop at Jardim do Morro.


Best parking near the Dom Luís I Bridge

There is a paid parking lot located on the south side of the bridge. More information can be found at the garage’s website.

Dom Luís I Bridge FAQs

Can I drive over the Dom Luís I Bridge?

Yes, you can drive over the lower level of the bridge.


How far away is the city center from the Dom Luís I Bridge?

City centre is within walking distance of the bridge, so feel free to take a stroll to or from the city.


How many bridges are there in total in Porto?

The Dom Luís I Bridge is one of six bridges in Porto.