CN Tower

Patrick Tomasso

If soaring heights give you a thrill, head to the top of the world's once-tallest tower.

“CN” stands for Canadian National and this lofty concrete communications and observation tower stands at a sky-scraping (and stomach-dropping) 1,815 feet. It held the record for the world’s tallest freestanding structure for 32 years until it was de-throned by the Burj Khalifa in 2007. It continued to cling to its title of world’s tallest tower for another two years until the Canton Tower snatched that away, too, in 2009. But whether or not it’s the world’s tallest anything, the CN Tower’s height is still a sight to behold. It’s so impressive, in fact, that it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and is a signature icon of Toronto’s skyline.

Best things to see at CN Tower


If dangling off the edge of a skyscraper by nothing but a rope is your idea of a good time, then this thrilling (to put it extremely mildly) activity is for you. The outdoor walk lasts about 30 minutes, during which you will lean back over the side of the tower while harnessed to an overhead trolley system. Oh, and did we mention it’s hands free, too? Don’t worry—tickets include a keepsake video, photos, and certificate of achievement, so you’ll have plenty of brag-worthy evidence to show off to friends and family.


The observation decks

If you’re looking for something a little more tame than the EdgeWalk but are still craving some breathtaking views, fret not. The tower has two observation areas—the LookOut Level and the SkyPod. LookOut stands at an impressive 1,136 feet in the air; SkyPod is another 33 stories up at a jaw-dropping height of 1,465 feet above the streets of Toronto. No matter how high you choose to go, you’re guaranteed some once-in-a-lifetime views of the city (and beyond).


The Glass Floor

Two and a half inches of glass stand between you and Toronto’s city streets 1,122 feet below. Do you have the guts to stand (or crawl) on it? Test your nerve and give it a try! It definitely won’t break (load tests are performed annually) and you’ll be rewarded with an incredibly cool and unique perspective of the city.

Best places to eat & drink near CN Tower

360 Restaurant

Nosh on fresh, in-season eats and an array of Canadian and international wines while taking in the slowly revolving views of the city 1,151 feet in the air. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner (reservations are definitely recommended) and access to LookOut and Glass Floor are complimentary with the purchase of a prix fixe meal.


VUE Bistro

If you’re looking for more of a grab-and-go type of meal, the tower is also home to three VUE Bistros serving up an array of Canadian foods and beverages. Grab a quick bite and enjoy it while soaking up the 360-degree panoramic views.

CN Tower directions and parking

The best way to get to the CN Tower

From the south or west, follow the QEW into Toronto (it turns into the Gardiner Expressway), and exit onto Spadina Avenue North. Turn right onto Bremner Boulevard.

From the east, take Highway 401 into Toronto and exit onto Don Valley Parkway Southbound (it turns into the Gardiner Expressway). Exit at Spadina Avenue North and turn right onto Bremner Boulevard.

From the north, take Highway 400  and exit onto Highway 401 West in Toronto. Continue to Highway 427 southbound and follow it to downtown via the QEW/Gardiner Expressway. Exit onto Spadina Avenue North and turn right onto Bremner Boulevard.

The CN Tower can be accessed by subway by taking the Yonge-University Line to Union Station. The #121 Fort York-Esplanade cam also drop you off very close to the tower’s entrance.


Best parking near the CN Tower

There is plenty of parking around the CN Tower. The closest parking lots are the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s south lot  and the Impark lot on Navy Wharf.

CN Tower FAQs

What are the tower’s hours?

LookOut, Glass Floor, and SkyPod observation levels are open daily from 9am-10:30pm.


How many floors does the tower have?

The CN Tower has 147 floors.


How long does the restaurant take to rotate?

The 360 restaurant rotates once every 72 minutes.


When was construction complete? 

Construction on the tower was completed in 1972.


How much did it cost to build?

The CN Tower cost $63 million to build.