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Seattle downtown and Space Needle with Mt Rainier in the background

Unique things to do in Seattle


Planning a trip to Seattle and looking for something a little different to do? While popular landmarks like the Space Needle and Pike Place are cool to see, we think one of the best ways to experience a new city is to think outside the box and find activities that aren’t your typical tourist attractions. Check out our top picks for unique things to do in Seattle, and add a few (or all!) to your itinerary.

1. Take in the bird’s-eye views of the city aboard a plane

Aerial view of Seattle from seaplane

Credit: Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Settled along Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is known for its gorgeous scenery and natural landscapes. Exploring on foot is one way to do it, but for a different and jaw-dropping perspective, hop aboard a plane for a guided aerial tour. Sit back, relax, and take in the panoramic views as an experienced pilot flies you over Seattle’s most popular attractions. While you’re up there, keep an eye out for the sprawling home of area resident Bill Gates, too.

2. Get a spooky look into Seattle’s past on a ghost tour

Stone cross in old cemetery

Credit: Joe Mabel on Wikipedia

Every city has some skeletons in the closet, right? If you love a good history lesson, Seattle’s ghost tours offer a chilling look at the city’s past with real stories of spirits that continue to haunt the area to this day. Take a haunted walking tour around historic Pioneer Square as a local guide regales you with spine-tingling tales, or venture into one of Seattle’s oldest cemeteries to learn more about the people buried beneath the headstones. Ghosts and ghouls aside, it’s a frighteningly fun way to learn more about Seattle’s storied history.

3. Explore the unconventional side of the city

Old sign in Seattle's underground city

Credit: Rennet Stowe on Flickr

The city’s unique history has played a large part in shaping the modern metropolis of today. For an interesting look at the days of yore, dig deeper (literally) into its historic past on a Seattle underground tour. A guide will lead the way as you explore the 120-year-old pathways that were once at street level.

For a light-hearted take on the history of these unusual underground streets, Bill Speidel’s tour will leave you laughing with hysterical tales and devious stories of past residents.

For the true crime aficionados out there, the Queen Anne Crime Tour also earns a top spot on our list of cool things to do in Seattle. Your guide will lead you through some of the city’s most historic neighborhoods, complete with sinister tales of crime and dark stories of the past.

4. Sample donuts to your heart’s content

Pile of colorful donuts

Credit: Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

The city is known for its donuts, and sampling these mouth-watering confections is an excellent way explore while satisfying your sweet tooth. Even better? It’s a deliciously unique activity if you’re looking for cheap things to do in Seattle. An underground donut tour is a must if you’re a lover of these breakfast treats. The tour will lead you to five popular locations throughout the city, where you’ll sample each spot’s best and most popular donut. Bring your appetite (and maybe a coffee to wash it all down).

5. Embark on a one-of-a-kind cruise of Lake Union

Center for Wooden Boats museum at South Lake Union in Seattle

For a truly unique Seattle experience, grab your suit and set sail on a two-hour hot tub cruise. Relax in the steaming water as you take in the sites of Lake Union with up to five other people. You’ll be provided with a towel, waterproof phone case, and blue tooth speaker, so all you need to remember is a change of dry clothes.

Looking for more things to do in Seattle? PlacePass has unique excursions and experience for all ages, so everyone can enjoy all that Seattle has to offer. Looking for more Seattle travel advice? Check out our tips for things to do in Seattle with kids and things to do in Seattle at night.

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