Vancouver Aquarium

If otters aren’t your favorite animal, you clearly haven’t been to the Vancouver Aquarium.

They’re like swimming puppies that will make you grin ear to ear. The tropics exhibit is particularly fabulous, with sea turtles, a stingray, and more. Downstairs, catch the poison dart frogs. Outside, the sea lions and otters are not to be missed. If you’re lucky, the otters will be roughhousing in the water!

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Best things to see at Vancouver Aquarium

At the Vancouver Aquarium, get up close and personal with sea lions, sea otters, jellyfish, and over 50,000 more animals in 30 unique exhibits. Experience how plastic and waste affect the Earth’s oceans in the Ocean Plastic exhibit. Or go on a cinematic adventure and immerse yourself through sound, smell, touch, lights, and weather effects at the 4-D Experience®.

Vancouver Aquarium directions and parking

Best way to get to the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is located within Stanley Park. It is a 15 to 20 minute walk from downtown, and can be accessed along the Seawall. There is also a Mobi bike share station located adjacent to the Aquarium. You can also arrive by the #19 Bus to Stanley Park, which can be reached via the Skytrain to Burrard Station or the Seabus to Waterfront. Highway 99 will bring you right into Stanley Park, and the Aquarium is easily navigable from there.


Best parking near the Vancouver Aquarium

Paid parking and electric vehicle charging stations are available at the Aquarium (in Lot A), but there are also many options throughout Stanley Park. Lot B is a four minute walk to the aquarium, and Lot C is a seven minute walk. Parking meters accept coins, Visa, and Mastercard, and parking tickets are tied to your license plate, so there is no need to display the ticket. Lots include accessible parking spaces. For more information, visit


Vancouver Aquarium FAQs

When should I visit?

Any day! The Vancouver Aquarium is open every day, and each day offers unique programs for visitors.


How long will my visit be?

The Aquarium is self-paced, but we generally recommend that you allot 2.5 to 3 hours to see everything.


Does the Aquarium offer Wi-Fi?

Yes they do. Access should be self-explanatory, but visit the Guest Services desk if you need any help.

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